Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Hidden Dangers of Metrosexuality

In the West, culture changes have begun to bring the worlds of men and women together in ways they never have been before. While gender equality is an unquestionable advancement, one of the unfortunate side effects is that distinctiveness of each gender is sometimes blurred, leading to a bland androgyny.

One of the key differences between men and women has been their attitudes towards sex. For men, having sex is more important than being sexy. The traditional masculine attitude is that sex appeal is a means to an end.

For women, it is the reverse. For females, having sex appeal, being sexy, is of greater importance than actually having sex. Traditionally, sex is one source of power open to women when other avenues of influence were closed.

A metrosexual is different from the traditionally well-groomed male in that the traditional male looks good in order to advance his sexual agenda. A certainly careless air surrounds the well-coiffed gentlemen, as if he hadn't noticed his own sartorial sophistication.

The metrosexual, by contrast, is acutely aware of how well his nails are pared, how well his hair is trimmed and gelied, and how pungent his cologne is.

This must stop. As the French say, "Viva La difference."

Friday, May 11, 2007

The New Learning Toolbox: Textbooks & Simulations

The most common learning tool around the world is the textbook---and why not? As a compendium of the required knowledge, the textbook revolutionized learning, giving each student a portable database

However, the "textbook only" approach to learning toolboxes is pure
ancien regime. The 21st Century approach to learning should equip students with portable databases--printed or otherwise-and simulations which enable them to have learning experiences.