Sunday, July 30, 2006

Was Nietzsche Right?

Recently, it came to my attention that Jordanian national television does not broadcast "The Simpsons" but does carry "The View."

In a recent press release, the International Association of Atheists have asserted that this is conclusive proof that there is no God.

Said group spokesman Pierre Duvenal, "The idea of a compassionate and just deity having control over the universe is not compatible with the fact that an already overstressed Arab population is denied the comic relief of Bart Simpson, but must endure the blatherings of a coven of witless bitches."


Tololy said...

I have a Simpsons tape with Homer & Bart singing. It's fun. I agree, The View should be taken off the air and some real entertainment should replace it; think The Simpsons.

Laith Zraikat said...

You're right, and I think the only thing worth watching on TV is comedy. The rest is crap.

p.s. Most people don't watch Jordan Television anymore ;)

Anonymous said...

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